Op:Love – Bentley Homecoming Sneak Peek

Love and Marriage, Operation: Love ReUnited

About a month ago, I heard about an awesome organization called Operation: Love ReUnited. Op:Love is an organization where photographers volunteer their time to provide sessions for members of our military and their families. You should take a minute to check out the website. Go on. I’ll wait….

If that site doesn’t make you tear up even a little, you have no soul…or are a robot…or are a robot with no soul. And since I’m pretty sure my blog doesn’t have a big following of robots, especially the soulless type, I am going to guess that a visit to the site gave you a good idea of how awesome a thing it is that this organization does.

So, about six days after I was accepted as a volunteer, I received an email from Jamie. Her fiance was going to be coming home from a year long deployment in Iraq, and she was wondering if I would be able to photograph his homecoming. Heck yeah. So on Sunday, I got to spend a few hours with Jamie and the family of  Sgt. Jared Bentely, as they awaited his homecoming at Camp Pendleton. Here is a sneak peek of some of the images of that day, and there will be a slideshow coming later.

This is Jamie. Jamie and Jared are getting married in September.


This lovely lady is Jared’s mom. She does not look like a woman who has a son old enough to be getting married, does she?


Jared’s family was eagerly awaiting his arrival…and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

I have learned that these homecomings don’t actually occur on any kind of set time schedule.  I believe I was told “the only four letter word the military doesn’t know…is plan. ” 🙂 But the wait is well worth it.



Word comes in that they are on base…..


The buses passed and the excitement grew. And then….there was some more waiting. 🙂 And even more waiting.  And then……








So exactly what would it look like to see a mom, who hasn’t seen her son in a year, finally get to see his face and know he is safe?


Enjoy your time at home Sgt.Bentley!


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3 thoughts on “Op:Love – Bentley Homecoming Sneak Peek”

  1. Melodee these are amazing! Truly such a beautiful thing to capture and you did it so sweetly! And thank you to this family for serving our country too!

  2. Matt and Amy Holmes says:

    How awesome! Such touching photographs! You did a great job! As posted in the comment above – a huge thanks to Sgt. Bentley and his family for their service to our country.

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