Sneak Peek – Last Family Session of 2008!


Yes, this was my last family session until next year. It sounds so weird to say that. It is even more weird to think that we are only 3 weeks or so away from 2009. Holy moly.
Ronda owns La Bella Salon in Norco, and keeps my kids (and me too) from looking raggedy. We have been planning this session with her boys since September. These two were such hams, they made my job very easy.

This is Kyle and Ethan….


Would you look at those freckles? Those cheeks?


Not that Kyle (That’s Kyleg with silent “g”, right? 😉 ) had any shortage of freckles himself….



A foot shot at mom’s request. They may be a little dirty, but they weren’t stinky, I swear. 🙂



And one with mama…. because even Yittle Yeopards need their mommies, right Ethan?


Ronda, thanks for letting me hang out with your boys. They are a crack up. Sorry for the craziness of the morning. We’ll see you soon, I am sure. Matthew is looking pretty shaggy…and Sophia…well, Sophia is just Sophia. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Last Family Session of 2008!”

  1. LOVE these. 🙂 That little guy in the grass is adorable. And I like 4th down–I bet it would be great in b&w too. And, though I am not a foot person :), I like the feet.

  2. ronda says:

    Melodee I love these pictures I am so excited to see the rest. I will tell you it eas definately worth the wait. I keep emailing the link to everyone to see what a great job you did. Make sure you bring me some cards and i will definately pass them out. Thank you soooooooo much I love them!!!!

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