A Sneak Peek That Almost Fools You Into Thinking CA Has Seasons

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I was really excited for today’s session because I was told that there were plenty of leaves in their yard. Since California doesn’t have much going on as far as seasons go (unless you like wearing shorts and flip flops on Christmas), I was all ready for the leaf thing.

This is Ethan.

Ethan has a new little sister, Emma. When I arrived for the session, Emma looked like this…..


But it didn’t take long for her to be wide awake and ready to go.


Yes, Ethan really is as good of a big brother as he looks.


Of course, we played in the leaves…..


Um, Ethan? Where are you going with that handful of leaves? Ethan?




I’m still picking leaves out of places. 🙂

Sean and Joyce, thank you so much for letting me hang out with your family.


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One thought on “A Sneak Peek That Almost Fools You Into Thinking CA Has Seasons”

  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you, thank you! We had a really great session playing with our children. We are looking forward to seeing more of your talented photos. Sean and Joyce

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