Even the Ducks Were Laughing*

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I had to reschedule my Saturday session due to the freeway closures, from the fires, so I was happy about Sunday’s session being out my way. I was even happier when I met the family I was going to get to hang out with. Because, although some of the session looked like this….


a good chunk of the session looked more like this…..


and this….


and um…this….


Joshua says Jacob is the messiest, and the one who gets in the most trouble.


Can you guess which one of them is the stinkiest? Because after a particular incident during our session, I know. But I’m not telling. 🙂

Angelina has a beautiful smile, just like her mom…


But….she has some other pretty interesting facial expressions too…..


I just love pictures of tough looking guys with their little girls. Eileen and her dad…..


Thanks for letting me hang out with your family, Monique and Mike!


* And yes, I totally gave this entry its title from something that no one but the family from this session would understand. Okay, so maybe just Eileen.

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