Sneak Peek from The Windiest Session Ever


This is Ryan, Kyle, and Brynna. I found this good looking group of people in the street outside my house. How lucky was that?


Actually, all of these lovely people are more of my neighbors. (I swear I don’t force my neighbors into photo sessions. They came to me. Honest.)

Brynna was not always happy with the way things were going, but we did manage to get some smiles….


The two guys weren’t quite as hard to catch smiling.


She may have made me (everyone, actually) work for it, but her smiles were worth it, don’t you think?


Thanks for enduring the crazy winds, and rude, clearly not age 55 and up golfers for your session today, guys.

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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek from The Windiest Session Ever”

  1. Matt and Amy says:

    Those are great! We want to see a picture of Brian sitting up in the tree.

    Matt and Amy

  2. Deanna says:

    I love the pictures of the boys and the one of Brynna in the tree. Thanks for putting up with my cranky family!

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