Sneak Peek

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Two of my mini-sessions today kept it all in the family. Julie and Leticia are sisters-in-law. They booked back to back mini-sessions this morning. Grandma came too. I have never seen a woman work so hard to get her grand kids to smile. I tried to convince her to start coming with me to all of my sessions, but it didn’t work. 😦 Bummer. After their sessions, they were heading off to a birthday lunch for Julie’s husband….who got all dressed up and allowed some crazy woman with a camera to follow his family around on his birthday. I hope you got some good lunch out this whole deal, Jesus. 🙂

These cute kiddos are cousins….


and Tatyana are sisters. (Tatyana was ready for her n-a-p)

And….their cousins….

Would you take a look at these two? Roman and Mario…..but please don’t ask me which one is which. 🙂

And their beautiful sister, Mayah.

Thank you for letting me hang out with your families this morning!

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