8 Days To Go!

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Love and Marriage

So, today I did a quick “engagement” session for an awesome couple. I have the word engagement in little quotes because their wedding is actually in 8 days! Yep. 8 days. And they were about the most laid back, stress-free couple I think you will ever come across, with their wedding only about a week away. I can’t remember exactly, but I am sure I was a ball of stress at 8 days out from my wedding. Who am I kidding…I was probably a ball of stress 8 months out from my wedding. But not these two…

They met while she was a missionary in China. And now, he has moved here.

Thanks guys! I’ll see you in 8 days!

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One thought on “8 Days To Go!”

  1. The pictures are nice Melodie. You really capture the light in each picture, setting the scene.

    You did a nice job placing us where to sit for the pictures, which looks like us- just hanging out.

    Thanks Melodie.

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