Well, Hello!

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I knew it would have to happen eventually, but I’d been dragging my feet. But here it is! Melodee Tonti Photography, The Blog! It may not be the most beautiful house on the block, but it’s mine. The template colors may slowly drive me insane, but I have done the whole self-hosted thing, with my personal blog, and I am just not ready to go that route again. I’m going to let the wonderful people at wordpress handle all of the dirty work for me. I would rather spend my free time behind my camera anyway.

So what am I going to fill this little speck of the internet with? Hmmm…Well I will definitely be posting some shots from sessions…probably some random everyday shots…and, of course news, updates, and special deals. I will probably throw in some of my patented incoherent rambling and call it good. So? Care to join me? Come on, you know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it.

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One thought on “Well, Hello!”

  1. get more photographers to love. 🙂

    Looks awesome–very clean and I love the header.

    Look at you. Rockin’ 2 blogs. Go you. 🙂

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