about me

about melodee pictures

I have a 17 year old, a 12 year old, and a toddler – because I decided I had entirely too much sleep and free time happening in my life. Between the four of us, we have enough eccentricities to drive a sane person crazy……just ask my husband. We share our perpetually messy home with 2 perpetually shedding and needy cats.

I love Pepsi and ice cream, but sadly, my aging metabolism does not, so I also have a love-hate relationship with exercise. Mostly hate, if we’re being honest.

I love jeans and Converse, but I am most often found still in my pajamas.

I like to listen to music loudly, and often. Ask me my favorite band, and my brain will faint dramatically to avoid answering. I could not possibly choose just one. That goes for favorite movie and tv show as well. I could probably make it through a whole day using movie quotes as my only form of communication. This is a trait that is not appreciated as much as I think it should be.

I compulsively research subjects that catch my interest, filling my brain with random facts about many things….it makes me pretty good at Jeopardy, but is not really good for much else.

If left to my own devices, I would spend my time, eating pizza, playing video games, and watching cartoons….or going to Disneyland! This makes working with kids a perfect fit for me, but I can masquerade as a mature adult as well.  I love taking pictures almost as much as I like taking naps, but I take pictures way more often.

I am a Corona, California based photographer. I photograph families, couples, kids, and babies in Corona, the Inland Empire, Orange County, and Temecula. My style focuses on relaxed, unposed, day in the life type portraits of every day moments, and bringing that same intimate feel to the big moments like engagements and births.